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As we are facing a trying time ahead of us, we should all take our social responsibility because it matters most now! At this moment, breeding is less important. Health, safety and being there for each other is the number one priority. None of us knows what’s coming, how long this is going to last and what will happen afterwards. We should all do our best to bring some positivity back into our lives by calling our loved ones and letting them know they’re not alone. Hopefully this situation will be over soon. We all can help making this pass over more quickly by staying home as much as we can. That being said if you have any question about the breeding season or our stallions please do not hesitate to call us. 

When two passions come together and complement each other, a new dream is created: Hippo-Lux.

Geert who was born with a passion for horses (you can read his story in the book DREAMERS who DO.) And An who wanted to take care of all animals at home at the age of 7 and, if necessary, simply hid them in her room.

Geert, a foal inspector for many years, saw the need for professional breeding. As active sport at top level was not his destiny, Geert did see where he could contribute: top-level breeding and stallion exploitation, both for the Belgian and international top sport.

An, graduated as a veterinarian in Ghent, specializing in horses and reproduction was something she really enjoyed doing.

When Geert and An met, via the horses, what do you think, all the puzzle pieces fit together, and Hippo-Lux was born.

Every company makes a start thanks to the trust of a group of pioneers. People who believe in you, who give you opportunities. The first stallion owners who chose Hippo-Lux, the first customers who chose Hippo-Lux as the house of confidence for their breeding ambitions. Geert and An are very grateful to the first believers. Today Hippo-Lux is there and is known far beyond Belgium, both among stallion owners and breeders.

Doing business is and will always be an adventure, especially if you work with animals. The daily attention, the good care, the beautiful accommodation, the constant availability, ensure satisfied customers. An often says it so powerfully: the love that you get back from animals you care for is unconditional. And the satisfaction that Geert has in observing the horses, the joy in the birth of every healthy foal, sharing in the success of the breeders, being able to experience all this up close.

Hippo Lux is more than a company, it’s a way of living and forming a family. Louis helps where needed and takes care of the Digital Marketing of Hippo Lux. Jef’s playground is between the animals, he can describe the character of every foal and mare in scents and colors.

Geert and An are continuously training at home and abroad. You can discover the what and how of Hippo-Lux on the following pages.

Recorded by Hilde Helsen, author of the book DREAMERS who DO. LannooCampus 2018 available in NL / FR and English.

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